Rosie’s story

To all who knew and loved Rosie my deaf Staffie, from the moment I knew from Rima that I could meet her and Rosie I knew I had a purpose and challenge to 1, make the rest of Rosie’s life a total pleasure and give her a safe world to live in and 2, to make it a pleasure for me to be her owner and guardian.

Rosie never hesitated in jumping in my camper van and heading off with me on our new adventure together. I picked Rosie up at 6pm one Sunday evening and by midday on Monday me & Rosie had had well over a 100 well wishes. I was absolutely flabbergasted by the response of people who had met her and obviously loved her BUT I was left wondering why after more than 7months no one had claimed her for themselves (and I’m still wondering to this day) and Rima had the reply to me that Rosie was waiting for ME! Well I’m just so happy she was left waiting, we are totally devoted to each other, we never ever offend each other and just have fun fun FUN! I knew I had all the time in the world to give to Rosie, I knew I could start from scratch with her, get her trust and teach her all the hand signals, face expressions that I required to give her and me a perfect partnership.

I knew from Rima that Rosie was very smart even though being deaf and Rima was spot on, she’s ultra smart and observant and we soon got my signals swinging into action… she soon learnt that if I showed her one raised finger I was going for a short time without her, if I showed her my full raised hand I was going for much longer, that a thumbs up was doing good, thumb down she hadn’t got it right, smiley face I was happy with her, frown she hadn’t got it quite right, if I let her off her lead on the beach that if I raised both arms in the air and brought both hands down to my knees I wanted her to return to me, these signals with a treat for getting it right soon got smart Rosie working them out, if she goes to nibble someone’s hand in her excitement I tap her gently on the snout with my index finger to the point now I only have to show my finger to her and she instantly stops. We now find we are finely tuned to each other and love each other unconditionally.

Rosie is a joy to live with and I now know I personally would choose a deaf Staffie over any other (must be a Staffie 🤗) because her one handicap is not a problem to me or her. The advantages of her are I can take her to Halloween bonfires and let her watch the fireworks ( she loves em), she never barks for no reason, she isn’t obviously bothered about loud bangs, thunder or fireworks. Rosie is just quite the most beautiful creature I’ve had the pleasure to know and live with.

I say to everyone who may read this never EVER refuse a dog because they are deaf, they are truly a pleasure & treasure to own. Me & Rosie hope all that remember her enjoy reading her progress and she thanks all and everyone of you who met her. Deaf dogs are GREAT 🐶 🥰 Xxxx

Stewart & Rosie