Nova’s story

So myself and Teanna have a 4 year old pitbull cross staffy and his name is Rocco and he is the biggest pet of a dog. I have always wanted a bull breed so when we got Rocco he has always been my kind of dog. So recently Teanna was saying how she would love another dog for our family as well as a partner for Rocco and suggested another staffy or pitty.

So I started checking the rescue pages to see if there was a dog for us somewhere. Not suprisingly there are very little bull breeds for rescue. They are the most discriminated breed of dog for no reason only people have no idea what they are like until they have had one as a best friend.

Fortunately I stumbled across Claddagh Rescue and seen this wonderful rescue for bull breeds. I showed Teanna straight away and she spotted Nova a young pitbull pup and got very excited. So we decided we have the room and are ready for another dog in our home. I contacted the rescue and chatted to Rima about coming up to Cavan to visit Nova.

We went up one evening and met Nova and her sister. We fell in love immediately and took the next step and put a plan in motion. We visited a second time this time with Rocco to introduce him to Nova. They had a run about and got on great. From there we took her home that day in a foster role to see how she would settle into our home. She immediately settled in and well…..2 weeks later we signed the adoption papers and she offically became part of our family.

Rima is a very special woman who has created a great rescue for these bull breed dogs giving them a chance to find homes. We cant thank her enough we have a new family member and Rocco has a dog friend for life. Nova is a sweet little lady with a big character we couldnt be happier.

Graham, Teanna, Nova & Rocco, Longford