Max’s story

In march 2019 myself and my girlfriend Lauren decided that our house needed a dog. I have grown up with dogs all my life and I had a corgi for 14 years and then an American Akita called Kaiser who still lives with my parents. I have always wanted to have a bullbreed growing up but wasn’t allowed get one because of a reputation these dogs have that is completely false.

I started looking and came across Claddagh Rescue ran by Rima. Instantly I was blown away by the fact someone had set up this place for bullbreeds and even tho we are based in Waterford I had my mind made up and we were going to Cavan. We knew a home check had to be done but headed up anyway to see the dogs. The minute I got to the rescue we saw so many lovely dogs but when I saw Max and I knew he was the one!

Since we had travelled 3 hours Rima asked if we wanted to see all of the dogs but after seeing Max I didn’t even look at any. He was so friendly and had such a big smile and me and Lauren fell in love with him and spent an hour with walking him around the rescue. We were sad going away because we couldn’t take him but that was because we didn’t get the home check done before which was our own fault.

We headed back to Waterford knowing that a week later we would be going right back up. Rima quickly arranged a house check for us with Lucy a woman that she knew from Waterford. Lucy was lovely and gave the go ahead that our house and garden was safe for Max and then the excitement really began. The following week we headed up and got Max. We were so happy and he snored all the way home in the car😂. He settled in straight away and has been bringing constant happiness to us since every day.

I’ll never understand the reputation some people put on these dogs as they are the friendliest and most loving breed you could ask for! Max is brilliant with kids and other dogs. Me and Lauren would like to especially thank Rima at the rescue for all the amazing work she’s doing 24/7 to give these dogs a loving home. We are forever grateful and so is Max 😆!

Tadgh, Lauren & Max, Waterford