Luna’s story

Initiall􏰃y, we w􏰄ent to Claddagh Rescue to have a meet and greet 􏰄with another dog that I had fallen in love 􏰄with, but alas our 􏰅􏰃7yr old crossbreed Roxy􏰆􏰃 decided that he 􏰄wasn’􏰇t gentlemanly􏰃 enough for her.􏰈 After the first meet and greet didn’􏰇t go so 􏰄well, Rima introduced us to some of the other puppers there that were looking for homes but again Roxy,􏰆􏰃 􏰉the spoiled brat􏰊 (but 􏰄we love her),􏰋 decided nope I don􏰇’t 􏰄want to be 􏰃your friend􏰈.

Rima then suggested meeting Luna, 􏰄who had only􏰃 arrived a few􏰄 day􏰃s previously􏰃 and didn􏰇’t do great 􏰄with other dogs.􏰊 Since 􏰄we 􏰄were there an􏰃􏰄yway􏰃, w􏰄e brought her for a w􏰄alk􏰈. We met this scared little girl w􏰄ith the saddest look on her face.􏰈 We brought her out and I 􏰄was e􏰆xpecting her to run from Ro􏰆􏰃xy but she instantly􏰃 stuck to her􏰆􏰃 like a little shadow.􏰄􏰊 They􏰃 both got on so 􏰄well that day􏰃􏰈, we decided straight aw􏰄ay􏰃 to foster her to see how􏰄 she w􏰄ould cope 􏰄with us and give her some love.


After a few􏰄 day􏰃s, I 􏰄went back up to collect her and I 􏰄was heartbroken for her on the 􏰄journey􏰃 home because she fretted so much in the car.􏰊 I tried talking to her􏰊, play􏰃ed some music but nothing 􏰄was helping so I stopped ever􏰃y fe􏰄w minutes to give her a break and 􏰄walk her a little (I thought I’d never get home!)

A few days after bringing Luna home, the country went into lockdown. Luckily for Luna and me, we kept each other sane.􏰋􏰈

It took a while for Luna to settle in fully. She didn’t know how to play with toys of any sort, not even a ball, but she did enjoy wrestling and chasing with Roxy. She’s nervous of loud noises but is slowly getting better with some reassurance.

Fast forward to a couple of months later… Luna is now officially a part of our family. She takes over the bed and demands attention, loves her cuddles and enjoys playing with some toys (as long as they don’t squeak!). She also demands to go for a spin in the car now too – she’s still a little fearful but is improving.

Her nickname is Luna Lunatic!
(I must apologise to my neighbours because she escaped a couple of time and sat at their door crying, wanting to get in even though she has never been in their house – sorry guys!)
Rima, thank you for all you do in Claddagh Rescue and for trusting us with Luna.