Joey’s story

I had a Staffy for going on 12 years that I sadly lost to a rare condition. She is irreplaceable, but I had room in my life and my heart for a new character. I had not started actively looking for another dog, but I have followed Claddagh Rescue for a considerable length of time, and they posted about another dog on their social media which piqued my curiosity and instilled me to look up the website. The moment I saw Joey’s face, I KNEW he was the dog for me.

That’s exactly what I told Rima. However, she advised me to wait and meet him before I decided, as many people say the same and end up going home with different dog, but I just KNEW. I waited patiently for the home check to be completed, (thanks Kathryn for passing me), and burst with trepidation when Rima invited me to meet him. I was still grieving my previous staffy girl, so it was with mixed emotions I arrived to meet Joey. I met some amazing dogs prior to meeting him, but the moment our eyes met I knew my trip from Cork to Cavan to meet him had been worthwhile, he was the boy for me. Thanks Rima for believing the same, and trusting that we were the perfect match.

Joey made himself at home straight away. As with all bull breeds he loves his human and gives me all the love I want in abundance. He is a cuddle monster that has a stubborn, defiant streak (we are working on that) like his Mama, the reason we get on so well lol. Bull breeds are loyal, loving and will never let you down, they are often over looked as dogs to adopt, and should not be. They are sadly passed by due to the misconceptions people have about the breed.

Joey and I are still finding our feet. Each day we get to know each other more and more. The true magic started to happen, the day he trusted me and I trusted him. A picture tells a thousand words and the above picture says it all. The boy that makes me smile a hundred times a day, the boy that makes me laugh, the boy that makes me swear, the boy, that right now thinks his name is Joey down and Joey no (we are working on that as highlighted above lol), the boy that makes me get out of bed in the morning. Taking on a rescue dog takes work, just as taking on a puppy takes work, but when you rehome a rescue dog you give that dog a second chance of life, a second chance to be loved. The reward, as mentioned, is the love and devotion they give you in return. I am overjoyed I took a chance on Joey, my Joey Bear, the dog that is making me smile again, and giving new meaning and energy to my life. XXX