Harley’s story

The second we saw Harley’s face on the Claddagh Rescue Facebook page we knew we had to meet her. We had been looking for a dog for a while but, unfortunately, hadn’t had much luck in finding the perfect one for us.
We made the journey to Claddagh one cold, wet Tuesday evening and waited to meet little Harley. She came bounding out to meet us, tail wagging, full of fun and we knew we had met someone very special.
Since the day we adopted Harley she has been a joy. All she wants is company and cuddles and loves nothing more than belly rubs and getting cosy on the couch. Once she has her favourite blankie and a belly full of treats she’s the happiest girl. She is so gentle and loving.
For us, having Harley is so special. She wants to make friends with every person and dog she meets and, as a result, every walk with her is a happy and fun adventure. She truly lights up our days.
Thanks to Claddagh Rescue, we have our newest member of the family. We are so grateful to Rima for bringing her into our lives.