Daisy’s story

After losing our beloved Lola to liver disease last year we were devastated and didn’t know if another dog would ever fill the void. We visited a shelter a few months later and quickly realised that it was still to soon for us.

Another couple of months passed and we happened to stumble upon Claddagh Rescue’s Facebook page and Daisy’s profile. It’s amazing when you just know that you’re ready again and we immediately thought Daisy could be “the one”.

We arranged to visit her and I think it was an instant love. You never know until you have been together for awhile and we always said that we will never be so lucky as we were with Lola but in this case lighting has struck twice.

She is such a sweet girl and loves to run on the beach as much as sleeping the rest of the day, crazy lazy Daisy has brought the soul back into our home that we didn’t think it was possible.

Daisy is now very much in our family and our hearts.

Thank you Claddagh and Rima ! xx

Malachi, Jennifer & Daisy, Co. Dublin