Honey’s story

Hi! My name is Honey – but it wasn’t always Honey – In my past life I was called Steffie (Steffie the staffie get it??).

My last owners had to let me go after their circumstances changed so I found myself in Claddagh Rescue with my angel Rima. She was so kind to me and it wasn’t long before a new family spotted me! I love human company and dont like to be alone. Now dont get me wrong, I dont tear up the place but I do sing out loud for hours!

I have sheep neighbours who I don’t mind and they dont seem to mind me either – turns out my fear of other creatures sometimes works in my favour! My 2 boys though, they’re the best! I spend hours lying on their beds watching them play – that’s my favourite thing to do….

I guess it’s true what Rima said – I am a good dog!

Lynn, the boys and Honey, Co. Sligo