About the rescue

Every beating heart deserves someone who cares, loves and believes in them.

Our mission is to connect dogs, who have been neglected, abandoned and hurt, with people who are looking for unconditional friendship. Together they can help heal and transform each other through rescue, rehabilitation, responsible training and rehoming.

Claddagh Rescue was founded 13 August 2017. It is an independent and non-funded rescue which we run from our own home. We mainly save bull breeds however we would not turn any dog away who needs help.

I got my first rescue German Sheppard Dog, Kara, from Monaghan pound in 2015. She was very fearful of everyone and reactive to other dogs and people on walks. We did a lot of training, but alas – with very little success. However, she is the most loving and gentle dog at home and we love her unconditionally. That inspired me to help dogs who needed help the most.

After seeing a lot of information about bull breeds and the bad reputation they had I decided to help them. I offered to foster one for another rescue. My first foster bull breed was Kruz who also came from Monaghan pound and stole my heart! There was no turning back for me after he went to live with his new family in Sweden. I started fostering bull breeds on regular basis.

Unfortunately, there are so many bull breeds in pounds and on my own I could foster one or two at the time so I needed help. I started asking other people to foster bull breeds and that is how the idea of founding a rescue came to live.

Every dog who comes through our doors is different however they all have one thing in common – they all want to be loved and deserve a family and home. Bull breeds are wonderful dogs and I am in absolute awe of their beauty, intelligence and strength!

Prior to fostering I had no knowledge about bull breeds however I wanted to get to know them. I realised first hand that myths surrounding them that is all they are – MYTHS! We fear what we do not know…

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Rima Val.

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